About Coastal Visualization

Coastal Visualization offers high end 3D Visualization for Architects, Property Developers, Product designers and the Automotive sector. We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life accuratley and in full photo-realistic quality.

How we Work

Architectural Visuals for Planning Permission

In this situation we would require the most recent Architects plans, including site elevations and any other useful information including material spec, window types etc. Additionally we would visit the site to photograph it and the surrounding area so we can add the 3D imagery into the photographed backplates to get a seamless photo-realistic image. Where drone footage is required we would use a 3rd party.

Architectural Visuals for Sales and Marketing

In this scenario we prefer archtectural plans, material spec and any other useful informtaion. We can provide full 3d landscaping of the envisaged property/or we can visit the site and take photos to place the 3D model into.

Archectural Animations

When creating animations we would work closely with the client to ensure their idea is followed cloesely and fits there needs. As with still images we would need up to date plans and any other useful info. Normally a landscaping plan would be needed as all site planting would be 3D as opposed to photography.


3D and Drone footage

With the tools at hand today it is possible to integrate 3D models seemlessly into Drone footage. If this is something you require for your project please contact us for further information.

Virtual Tours

Today Virtual Reality is growing in popularity. Its a very useful tool to better see the spaces you are creating. Coastal Visualization offer Virtual Reality images as well as Full VR Tours where you can move through a property and look around. For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.